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Nobody wants bed bugs in their home. As you may have heard, bed bugs in Rancho Cordova have been increasing. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home then you should call us today.


rancho cordova bed bug control

You can reach our Rancho Cordova bed bug specialists at 916-794-0371 and we can treat them for you!

Unlike spiders, you can’t just overlook bed bugs. After bed bugs are in your home, they won’t simply go away until a Rancho Cordova bed bug exterminator removes them.


Bed bugs attack you, usually as you sleep. Bed bugs saw through skin with a body part known as a stylet. They do this so they can cut through the flesh to find your blood vessels for feeding. Bed bugs will often feed on blood for 5-10 minutes and then go back to their hiding spot. You won’t necessarily feel them biting you either because they inject a numbing agent into your skin so that their feeding doesn’t startle you.


Rancho Cordova Bed Bug Control


Usually, when people learn they have bed bugs, it is not simply because they noticed an actual bed bug. Bed bugs are very good at keeping hidden from people. Usually, bed bugs hide in dark, small cracks and crevices near your bed. If you find dark fecal matter or blood spots on your bed sheets then you quite possibly have a bed bug problem. Another sign of bed bugs is if you awake covered in small bites or itch a lot.


If you suspect bed bugs, then you shouldn’t continue sleeping in your house. Our Rancho Cordova pest control experts are able to answer any question about bed bugs you have. Call us today at 916-794-0371 to schedule your appointment!

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